Our Donation Policy

Any and all donations received from you as a visitor or user will be handled in the correct legal manner with due diligence.

Income Streams

We have two methods to obtain income these are via direct donations via paypal along with monthly supporters on our patreon.

Access to funds

All income generated goes directly to our paypal account, Only two members of the team have access to this, These being the CEO "Crumbs" & COO "Kai". Under no circumstance will access to this be given out to anybody else within the team.

How is your donation/subscription used?

Without donations/subscribers we would not be able to achieve as much as we have dreamt, All income generated is reinvested into dash cargo for advertisements, out-sourced development, media assets & general improvements of our assets along with helping fund giveaways and events.

Refunds / Disputes

Due to the nature of donations we cannot issue refunds, As a patreon subscriber you are able to stop supporting us but doing so will remove the perks/abilities you have gained from your subscription once the month is over.

We are unable to issue refunds due to the fact that the funds may of been already used.

Please note all donations need to be approved by a parent/guardian if you are under the age of 13.

This page was last updated on February 21, 2021