A success story

Who We Are

Dash Cargo, a VTC aiming for perfection was founded by 4 people: Crumbs, Kai, Treebor and Octal.
This VTC was founded with the motive and aim to be a unique and perfect place for beginners and veterans in the simulator trucking community.

Together, Dash has achieved it's status of being unique by implementing systems like the Dash coin system which can be used to redeem excellent perks and prizes, a bespoke moderation system to safeguard the discord server and many more.

Our dashing multiplayer paintjob and outstanding singleplayer paintjob make us stand out in the community with a never seen before turquoise colour.

Our future projects and developments even rival the best VTC's which have been established for many years.

The founders had been in several VTC's but found none of them to be a perfect fit,
So they pondered about it for a long time and decided to create Dash.

The starting of the VTC was not an easy feat but we overcame it as a team, working together to develop systems and features that have never been seen before.

Every decision, from our motto i.e. "Deliveries In A Dash" to all other features are planned with the whole team and executed in utmost perfection.

We can't wait to see what the future holds!

  • Mission

    To create a friendly and honest community.

  • Vision

    Bring new features and services to expand the company.

  • Values

    Respect, Responsibility, Leadership, Sportsmanship & Integrity.

striving to become the best

Our Results

We started from nowhere and hope to expand and grow over the coming months and years.

With great dedication and a great community behind us we can keep breaking our records each month.

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What our community says about us

Trusted Feedback & Reviews

We work intensively to mould the community into something we can all be proud of.
Our communitys feedback is our priority and helps us make changes to better ourselves.


Dash is a complete VTC in itself, the management and staff are extremely welcoming. Dash is the best!

This VTC is amazing! The effort put in is just 100%. Automatically got accepted into the community. ❤️

Community is welcoming fair rules, and everything gets done quick and easy no hassle.

Great community, Great staff and they should be proud of what they have achieved so far, Can't wait to see what they do in the future.

Easily the most professional and innovative VTC on TruckersMP!

Dash Cargo is certainly one of the best VTC's around. Alongside with a great community Dash has some of the best technology around. Dash Cargo simple ticks all the boxes.

Dash is an excellent VTC, with a professional staff team, and unique drivers. It strives to provide the best service for its drivers, and offers great rewards as well. I highly recommend checking them out, and maybe even applying!

Dash is an Awesome VTC! It's professional and impresssive.

Great VTC good drivers, nice staff and awesome website.

Community is allowing all people in the server, get's everything done quick and no arguing and the best VTC around and good work with driving and delivering, The VTC is also very open and welcoming for everyone.