Deliveries In A Dash What are you going to deliver today?

Why we shine brighter than the rest..

What Makes Us Stand Out!

Dash Cargo was founded January 1st 2021 and opened to the public on March 5th 2021.
Our aim is to create a great community of experienced drivers that are as passionate as us.

Friendly Community

We have a great community behind us who all help and support each other.

Experienced Drivers

Drivers take a in-depth drivers test before joining us to show us they have the correct skills.

Fresh Truck Liveries

Our paint job is eye catching & stands out. We have outstanding custom mods developed.

Dedicated Staff

Our staff team are passionate, experienced and dedicated to their roles.

New Technology

The development team are experienced and work hard to bring new features regularly.

Streamer Program

Our streamer program has amazing features and rewards once accepted into it.

Rewards Program

Our dash coins are earnt in many ways and can be redeemed for awesome perks and rewards.

Driver of the Month

Our drivers are at forefront of the company, We pick 3 drivers each month to be rewarded.

Your Opinions Matter

We read every suggestion and opinion from our community to make it a better place for you.

What are we doing

Results in Numbers


Deliveries Logged

Litres of Fuel Used

Convoys Attended

PLEASE NOTE: These statistics get updated on a monthly basis.

Why choose us?

A friendly community & dedicated staff team that strive to be the best.

We have a fully fledged ranking system with rewards and driver accomplishment certificates, Weekly driver giveaways along with regular community giveaways, Monthly competitions & events for our drivers with awesome rewards along with organized/professional convoys & events.